Palivere Dining Room is a catering company with more than thirty years of experience. We have become a well-known place to eat in our area with our home-made and delicious food.


360 ° Active holiday

A large selection of exciting and fun team adventure games, hikes and trainings.

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Archery offers an opportunity to spend sporting free time and develop oneself from new angles, the activity is affordable for people of all ages and does not require special skills. The game is preceded by sufficient training so that everyone can feel safe in the game and already as a competent archer. An ideal way to spend a new kind of fun with friends and colleagues, for example.

VR Lounge

Offer the opportunity to feel like a top rally driver. You can experience all kinds of different motorsports. In addition to the different VR experiences offered in the salon, it is possible to bring them to us with their equipment and compete with friends or colleagues on the circuit or in other games!



Coffee breaks, party tables, cakes and pies.