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Discover Osmussaart

The offer is valid for Mon-Thur groups from 10 people


From the port of Dirham, a ~8 km long sea voyage begins with the small boat Arabella towards Osmussaare. Heading from Osmussaare South Harbor for a 4 - 5 hour trip around the island, visiting places of interest both in nature and history, visiting the millions of years old Crocodile Farm, looking for unique and interesting researchers in the world, and counting sheep.

After a long and exciting trip and sailing, a warmly heated sauna and hot tub await the traveler in UusKalda sports and rholiday village, where you can refresh your tired body and refresh your spirit under the starry sky as the evening progresses.


Packet contains:

  • Take a boat ride to and from Arabella Osmussaari

  • A 4-5 hour tour of the island with a tour guide

  • Port tax, travel arrangements

  • overnight stay in UusKalda Sports and Holiday Village

  • sauna complex with a hot tub

  • possibility to use outdoor kitchen (in addition to grill)

+ 372 5306 5907 The trip is conducted by in cooperation with UusKalda Sports and Holiday Village.


Price 49.00 € / person

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