Other pop. sports
When the weather is windless, there are other new sports an active vacationer can do.


The exact age of Indiaca is not really known, but this game originates from South America, where it was played by the Brazilian Indians with an indiaca ball. Indiaca is similar in its nature and game-structure to volleyball, but instead of a regular volleyball a special indiaca ball with feathers are used.

There are also differences in the number of players, measurements of the court, net height etc. The game itself is more dynamic and spectacular than volleyball and suits to people of different age, physical training and skills.

There is a sand-covered play-court in our sports and holiday village where it is possible to play for fun but also organize competitions in indiaca. The measurements of the court are 22x18 m.


Disc-golf or frisbee-golf has been played in different forms since the year 1900.

Professional disc-golf was started in 1960, when people had invented it without knowing it. The game was invented by "Steady Ed" Headrick and the first basket was patented in 1975. Disc-golf was brought to the Northern countries and Estonia by Seppo Nieminen.
The game is very simple and it doesn’t require prior experiences or thorough courses from the player. If you can throw a Frisbee and feel joy doing it, you are also able to play disc-golf.


Croquet is a recreational and competitive ball-game which involves hitting balls with a mallet through small hoops embedded into the grass playing arena.
Croquet was also an official event in 1900 Olympic Games in Paris.


Petanque is a bowls game from France.
The tools of game are metal balls and a small wooden ball called cochonnet. The game is played between two teams of 1-3 people and the games are called either single or pair games or trios. In single or pair games every player has 3 balls, in trio they have 2 balls.
The playing grounds can be different, but it’s recommended to have an even gravel ground, which is exactly what we have done here.
It’s also possible to have official competitions in our sports and holiday village,

as we have altogether 9 grounds with the measurements of 15x4 m.



For relaxing we are offering both for children and grown-ups a wonderful opportunity to download any extra energy bouncing on trampolines. There is a sports trampoline available for grown-ups (Trampoline AC Air Sport16, height 120cm, thickness of the aircushion 3cm PVC, frame pipe 45mm, without weight limits).
For small kids we have a smaller trampoline that is equipped with a safety net (AC Air 3,7 , height 91cm, thickness of the aircushion 3cm PVC, without weight limits).

Beach volleyball

Changing the indiaca net for beach volleyball net and using a regular volleyball it’s also possible to play beach volleyball at our place. We have the seats for referees, so  also official competitions can be organized here. We have two fields in appropriate measurements next to each other.